Dr Mike Bryant and Prof. Anne Neville part of team pioneering first ever biomimetic tongue surface using 3D printing

Dr Mike Bryant and Prof. Anne Neville are part of a multi-disciplinary team that have developed the first ever biomimetic tongue surface using 3D printing. The team which was led by Dr Efren Andablo-Reyes from the School of Food Science and Nutrition at Leeds and also involved informatics researchers from the University of Edinburgh, have published their findings in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

Dr. Mike Bryant commented on the significance of the findings in the context of friction research: “The application of bio-tribological principles, the study of friction and lubrication, in the creation of this tongue-like surface is a significant step forward in this field. The ability to produce accurate replicas of tongue surfaces with similar structure and mechanical properties will help streamline research and development for oral care, food products and therapeutic technologies.” (see University of Leeds article here for the full quotation).

The story has gathered attention in the national and scientific media, which can be read via the following links:

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