Listen to Friction researcher Dr. Mike Watson explain the problem of leaves on the line, new research, and potential solutions to the problem.

Listen to Dr. Mike Watson explaining the problem of leaves on the line, and how pioneering research from Friction: The Tribology Engima has helped to understand the problem, and potential solutions. Find his interview with BBC Radio Cambridge on the Naked Scientists Podcast here (from 08:50): Find more media articles related to this topic, and Dr. Watson’s …

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Friction researchers breakthrough in leaves on the line friction enigma

leaf that has been pressed onto rail line and turned black, showing tannin formation described

Friction PG researchers Dr. Mike Watson, Dr. Tom Slatter and Prof. Roger Lewis have made a big step towards understanding the slippery problem of leaves on the line, a source of significant delays on the UK’s rail system every autumn, with a landmark study published in the Royal Society Proceedings. The teams work investigated the …

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Prof. Roger Lewis wins IMechE Donald Julius Groen Prize 2019

Roger lewis in laboratory

Friction PG researcher Prof. Roger Lewis has been awarded the IMechE Donald Julius Groen Prize for 2019. This is awarded by the IMechE Tribology Group Committee to authors of outstanding papers or outstanding achievements in Tribology. See the full story here. Image credit: Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sheffield

Dry ice solution to slippery ‘leaves on the line’

Friction PG Professor Roger Lewis has been leading a team of researchers at The University of Sheffield investigating the potential of dry ice, to solve the slippery problem of leaves on the line causing delays and disruptions in rail travel. Leaves form a slippery layer when they fall onto the tracks and are compacted, this …

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Professor Anne Neville awarded Honorary Doctorate from the University of Glasgow

Friction: The Tribology Enigma PI Prof. Anne Neville was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Glasgow for her pioneering contributions to the field of tribology – she has also been a powerful advocate for encouraging wider participation in engineering, particularly for girls. Read more here.

Getting to grips with friction – Pint of Science

Friction PG researchers Dr Matt Carré and Professor Roger Lewis took part in the public ‘Pint of Science – All hands to the pump’ event in Sheffield on 22nd May 2019. They explained some fundamentals of friction related to human grip and manipulation of objects, and how this affects our gripping and perception abilities.

Particle Characterisation Workshop – University of Cape Town

Researchers from Friction PG visited the University of Cape Town, South Africa, 26/11- 3/12/2018 and delivered a workshop on Particle Characterisation in collaboration with the academics there and attended by engineers from mineral processing industry and university researchers. This workshop was organised as a part of Industry-Academia Partnership Programme (IAPP) called ‘CAPE Partnership: Characterisation Advances …

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